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Gregor Robertson - Georgia Striaght April 29 2015

Gregor Robertson Will Tell French National Assembly President About Vancouver’s Quest to Become Greenest City

Georgia Striaght April 29, 2015

“I’ll tell the story of Vancouver’s quest to be the world’s greenest city and the generations of work that have positioned us well—and the big challenges that remain to achieve,” Robertson said.

Robertson noted that the largest single source of greenhouse gases in Vancouver is Central Heat Distribution Ltd., which burns natural gas to provide steam heat to many buildings in the downtown core. “They’re scoping out a big transformation of their whole heating system to renewables, making it possible for the downtown core to dramatically reduce the natural gas burned,” Robertson said.

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Stacey Brenier VS April 16 2015

The Age of Steam Returns to Vancouver

Vancouver Sun April 28, 2015

Vancouver developer Ian Gillespie expects to invest upwards of $100 million over the next five years into converting the city’s largest natural gas steam plant into a low-carbon energy system to provide heat to all of the downtown, from Stanley Park to the Downtown Eastside. And if that bet pays off, as he expects it […]

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Heat Plant - VS April 16 2015

Creative Energy Canada Selected to Build New Low Carbon Heat Plant

Vancouver Sun April 16, 2015

Vancouver will insist that new buildings in most areas of the downtown peninsula be hooked up to a low-carbon alternative-energy utility The city has reserved a large piece of city-owned land for the energy provider, Creative Energy Canada Platforms Corp, to build a new energy centre that would produce heat from biofuel such as wood […]

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Heat Plant - IDEA April 16 2015

City of Vancouver will Require New Downtown Buildings to Hook Up to District Energy Plant

The requirement, which will cover northeast False Creek, Chinatown, the West End and Downtown South, is part of the city’s greenhouse-gas reduction plan. The city has reserved a large piece of city-owned land for the energy provider, Creative Energy Canada Platforms Corp., to build a new energy center that would produce heat from biofuel such […]

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Amsterdam - Cogeneration April 16 2015

Amsterdam Aims to Totally Decarbonize through District Heating

The Dutch capital, Amsterdam, is seeking to completely decarbonise its network through the use of district heating. “We want to reduce emissions now and in the future and we think district heating can create a 100 per cent decarbonised energy network.”

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False Creek Smoke Stack ART - G&M March 25 2015

Vancouver Seeks Low Carbon Solutions for Heating Buildings

Globe & Mail March 25, 2015

They’re worse than cars, buses and trucks for the amount of greenhouse-gas emissions they produce. And now Vancouver is aiming to tackle these planet-killing monsters – the buildings we live and work in – by encouraging private companies to find lower-carbon ways to heat them..

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Honest Ed's Redevelopment TO - G&M March 3, 2015

Redevelopment of Honest Ed’s, Toronto Holds Several Surprises

Globe & Mail March 3, 2015

“There’s no place like this place… anyplace.” That’s one of the many slogans hand-painted on the facades of Honest Ed’s; and the plans to redevelop the discount store, and the adjacent group of buildings called Mirvish Village, will live up to that slogan in ways Ed Mirvish wouldn’t have expected.

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Brisbane.... 2015

Brisbane Smart Energy Project, an Australian First

Brisbane City Council has signed an agreement for the design and planning phase of an innovative and sustainable CBD District Cooling System to the consortium of Cofely Australia and Thiess Services. The District Cooling System is a centralized water chilling system which would replace air conditioning chillers and cooling towers in individual CBD buildings with […]

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Christchurch NZ - Cowley April 16, 2015

District Energy Scheme will be Cornerstone of Christchurch CBD Rebuild

“During ‘Share an Idea’, the people of Christchurch asked for a clean, green city and this scheme is an important step in that direction” says the Mayor. “The DES would benefit the whole community and is another example of the opportunities for ‘betterment’ of our city’s infrastructure when rebuilding after a disaster. This Council is […]

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Creative Energy Platforms Corp. acquires Central Heat Distribution Ltd.

August 7, 2014

Creative Energy acquired of all the shares of Central Heat Distribution Limited, a private district utility company serving downtown Vancouver. Creative applied to the British Columbia Utilities Commission for the approval of the share transfer. The Application will be available on the BCUC website in early September. The transaction was completed in early 2014. The […]

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